DreamHost vs Bluehost

DreamHost vs bluehost

DreamHost vs Bluehost – Head to Head Comparison

For the DreamHost vs Bluehost head-to-head comparison, our evaluating criteria are: plans & pricing, types of hosting, hosting features, disk space and customer support.

Let’s start with a small summary table.




Value for Money

Basic Plan

per month
(12 months contract)

per month
(12 months contract)

Ease of Use


Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Cloud Hosting




Unmetered Bandwidth


Free Daily Backups


Unmetered Disk Space


Technical Support

Customer Service / Sales


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Bluehost vs DreamHost

DreamHost vs Bluehost is a tough head-to-head comparison on the technical side. However, on the support side, Bluehost has the upper hand.

Plans & Pricing

DreamHost’s starter plan packs a lot punch with a staggering price of $4.95 per month. Although competitive, Bluehost’s basic plan costs $7.99 per month.

Why the price difference?

Well…In this case, money isn’t everything. With every plan, Bluehost offers complimentary customer service by chat, email and telephone.

DreamHost CAN offer telephone support, but at an extra cost. Furthermore, they only do call backs; no inbound inquiries.

In short, DreamHost is less expensive than Bluehost, but doesn’t offer world class service.

We score this round a tie. 1 – 1.

Types of Hosting

Both DreamHost and Bluehost offer the most demanded types of hosting.

In that sense, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Dedicated Hosting are features offered by both companies.

However, Bluehost doesn’t offer Cloud Hosting, where as DreamHost does.

DreamHost takes the lead in this round. 2 – 1 DreamHost at this point of the bout.

Could it be a comeback victory for BlueHost?

Let’s see.

Hosting Features

As expected, Bluehost’s hosting features are unmatched.

Indeed, Bluehost is still the only company to offer complimentary daily backups. Most hosting companies, including DreamHost, offer free weekly and monthly backups.

Data security is, in our opinion, the most important aspect of a hosting company. Would you risk your data for a few more dollars per month?

We score this round 1-0, and Bluehost ties up the fight. 2 – 2 at this point of the matchup.

Disk Space

Again, both companies are close in this round.

However, DreamHost does not advertise how much Disk Space they offer with their starter plan. After digging a little, we found out they offer up to 50GB on the starter plan.

Bluehost clearly offers 50GB of disk space with their most basic plan.

The difference is in the databases. Bluehost offers up to 10 MYSQL databases with their basic plan, where as DreamHost only offers 6.

We give this round to Bluehost once more. Bluehost is currently up 3 – 2, before the final round.

Customer Support – DreamHost vs Bluehost

Here we are, the final round of this intense Bluehost vs DreamHost battle.

As we quickly mentioned in the opening paragraph, Bluehost has superior customer service.

Indeed, their 24/7 support is available through chat, email and telephone.

DreamHost also offers 24/7 support, however only via email. If your website goes down, you would have to wait until a support specialist answers your email.

Dreamhost does offer an option for call back, but it is not free. Customers have to pay extra to benefit from live support. And still have to wait for a callback.

Bluehost and its superior customer support wins the round.

Dreamhost loses the battle to Bluehost, with a final score of 4 – 2, in favor of Bluehost.

DreamHost vs Bluehost Conclusion

Again, money isn’t everything. This is a good example of why you should be willing to pay a little bit more per month. Customer support is critical, especially when you are not the one to have control over the servers.

Once again, we pick Bluehost.